Guitar Gear

Equipment comes and goes but this is most of the stuff I'm using today:


PRS Custom 24 Artist Package

PRS Torero

PRS EG2 with Fender noiseless pickups

Fender Elite Telecaster 

Gibson Explorer ( this is the beef!)


PRS Custom Head

Blackstar HT Metal 

Trinity TMB - kit built clone of an Marshall 18 watt model 1974


2018 Line 6 HX Effects

Vox V846 HW (hand wired)

TC Electronics Guitar Tuner

Keeley Compressor Plus

TC Electronics G-Major 2

Berringer FCB 1010 Midi controller

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal VP Jr.

Early Years

My musical beginnings were in grade school picking up French Horn.  I wanted to play the alto saxaphone, but the salesmen visiting all of the potential band students door to door somehow talked my parents and I into thinking that French Horn was the instrument for me.  So I gave it my best.  I guess I did OK with that (note the chest full of medals ;) )

So I was liking the whole rock n' roll thing.  My best buddy had older brothers doing that and he and his younger brother were picking up guitar and bass and I was ... jealous.  I thought it too hard for me but in my junior year I "borrowed" a book from the library and bought a cheap acoustic guitar followed later by an electric (I think it came in pieces) and picked up a Peavy Decade guitar amp. I soon learned that I could learn more quickly by ear than by reading so I dumped the book.

I hung with it, trading up to better equipement and meeting other musicains and learning what I could from them.  I was in a 3 piece "basement band" with a couple of buddys in college. After college, things were kind of off and on especially after meeting my wife and starting a family.  My kids also turned out to be engineering/music nerds so when my son was coming of age I bought him a kit. He and I kind of got into jamming a bit and my passion of guitar was rekindled.  Eventually I was looking around for a a project and met Ray.  They rest is history.